Trip to cordoba and cuyo, argentina

Hi all.

I want to make two trips soon, to Cordoba and Cuyo. Córdoba seems to me to be one of the most beautiful cities to visit, I have had the opportunity to visit it several times and every time I go I feel like the first time. I don’t know why, but despite the fact that I plan to go to other destinations in my free time or on vacation, I always end up choosing Córdoba over and over again, I have a great time there.

I am from Spain but I plan to take a trip to Argentina and although I did not plan to visit Cuyo, because of everything they have told me I was already excited and now I want to meet him haha. And of course I am also going to the Talampaya National Park, Argentina is seen to be a very promising country for all tourists.

Guys, I want to recommend this travel guide for those who like to travel alone, it is better to plan your trips before going out and with this guide everything is easier.

Yo pienso que córdoba es una de las ciudades más bellas de nuestro país, aunque en ocasiones no se la tenga muy en cuenta la verdad es que siempre sorprende mucho al viajero.