Mi comarca


My city, capital of the province of Río Negro - Argentina, the “door of Patagonia”, the only city with the best four seasons of the year. AUTUMN paints everything a beautiful orange, WINTER really cold cold but snow never comes, SPRING that brings life, filling every corner of the city with colors and flowers, highlighting our beautiful waterfront, kicking off the sports season of He laughed, where competitors from all over the world mobilize to reach the great competition ** FINA 10k World Cup La Patagones-Viedma ** where triathlons, swimming, and jumps from the bridge at about 50 meters high and finally the SUMMER where it’s time to go to the beach ** El Condor ** 30 kilometers from the city, with a long beach with the mouth of the river, ideal for surfing, kite flying and fishing.

In the months of September-November it is a good opportunity to get to know this city to take a break and although many restaurants are closed, the city, the life of the river and the sea are unforgettable, however the ideal time to visit this beautiful city is in the months of November-February where there are all kinds of activities and entertainment available, with an ideal beach climate.

I hope this information helps you to continue knowing one more place in Argentina …

Enjoy your trip !!

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Muy bonita la verdad, qué ciudad más encantadora, qué suerte tienes.